Post event housekeeping!

Again, thanks to everyone who was part of making our SOLD OUT Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening such a success!  DID YOU MISS THIS?

Part of our thanks includes a little bit of post event gratitude.  We have two thank you gifts for the volunteers who are not crew members but community members!

With the donations lists, emails, uploads to Facebook, etc, I complied two lists of volunteer names and pulled one name from each of these:

Jayne Hat Artisan: Andrea Mills { she made the 2 tea cozies and tea pots}wins the Yarns, Etc. Gift Certificate!

Tea Cozy!

Shiny Firefly: Laurie Kolk { she picked up prizes both from others and donated stuff on her own and has been an immense force of helping in spite of not having an “official role” in the Admin Crew} wins the Tim Horton’s Gift card!! You can read some of her posts tho under the name “ZOE” here on the main website.



2 Auction items were bid upon and the folks left before the end.  This happens, but if Julie Brazeau and Pat Moreau still want those items, email and we’ll connect you with your stuff and take your donation. Otherwise, they will be available for bidding at a future event!