WOW! Ottawa Browncoats: BE PROUD!

OUR 2013 CREW, These Sponsors, These generous Artisans and Fans of a great Show and movie and ALL OF YOU can honestly give yourselves all a huge pat on the back!

The 2013 total of donations, auction amounts, pre event sales, donations and everything:


That means Equality Now, recipient of 25% of our funds will be sent a donation of $1365.43

And iSisters, our local charity, will receive a total for 2013 of $4096.27

And in case you wanted to know:

2012: total raised $4865.56

2011: total raised $3331.32

So, yes, bigger and better every year.

We are so grateful to the continued support of of returning Sponsors and new sponsors as well as the hard work that the crew have out into bringing the Ottawa Browncoats Community further into the shiny!

And there’s more to come – so keep checking us here, on Twitter, on our Facebook Commmunity page { Just FYI-that’s the one that is actually us, not “ottawa browncoats, the person}  And if you are ready to start volunteering – EMAIL US: