Did you know… is Celebrating a 2nd Anniversary

Two years ago I was invited to be on the Ottawa Browncoats panel at the 2013 Ottawa Comiccon.   It was an amazing experience.  The panel welcomed an overflowing room of fellow Browncoats (a lot of faces focused on the podium panel table!) and the 45 minutes we were allotted just flew by.

Firefly Panel_Ottawa Comiccon 2013_some of the crowd_photo by Tom Leroux_15 percent originalAs the panel room emptied and we headed back on to the convention vendor hall floor I was asked by the Ottawa Browncoats administrators if I would consider blogging on the Ottawa Browncoats web site.  Wow (understatement) what an honour!

Time sitting on the Firefly 2013 and 2014 panels at Ottawa Comiccon flew by, and so have these past 2 years blogging here on the Ottawa Browncoats web site.  To me, that shows I have been having a great time and hopefully you all have enjoyed it as well.

On May 24, 2013 when the Ottawa Browncoats posted their welcome to me here on the Ottawa Browncoats web site my hope was that perhaps a few people might like what I wrote.  I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined or known that I would actually catch the attention of people like Shawna Trpcic or Alan Tudyk’s Con Man team … which I will admit did prompt a few happy dances … but absolutely my biggest joy has come from sharing all things Firefly and Serenity with you, my fellow Browncoats.

My sincerest thanks to the Ottawa Browncoats for inviting me, not only on the two panels that Ottawa Browncoats have had at Ottawa Comiccon to date, but also for giving me the opportunity to blog about a subject I am somewhat (cough) passionate about.

Finally, my thanks to you the readers.  I hope you have enjoyed past posts and hopefully will continue to follow along for future adventures with “Did you know…“.

Until next time … stay shiny and keep flying!
[This and future “Did you know…” posts present a variety of Firefly and Serenity trivia, aka fun tidbits. The information these posts draw from will be varied and many.  They will include the Firefly series and Serenity DVD commentaries and special features, various Firefly fan web sites, IMDB (Internet Movie Database), Wikipedia, YouTube videos of interviews and convention Q&A panels, etc…. and, occasionally a personal observation or comment may slip in there as well ;-)