Did you know… “Out of Gas” Firefly Tabletop Gaming Day

Nín hǎo everyone!  I know, it has been a while since I posted a “Did you know…” blog post but I have been keeping the airwaves open for the Ottawa Browncoats administrators and organizers so they could let you all know about any events that were coming down the line … and yesterday there was a very SHINY Ottawa Browncoat event!

Though life got in the way, as it does from time to time, for the Ottawa Browncoats admin/organizers putting on an Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening (OSCS) this year but the Verse gave them and us a smaller but very nice substitute … the “Out of Gas Gaming Day” at Patty Boland’s pub on Clarence Street.  If you got to attend the event yesterday (Sunday, November 29, 2015) … it was pretty darn shiny, wasn’t it?!

I had to leave a little early and missed the “Out of Gas” episode viewing at the end of the day, but I was able to be there for several hours of gaming … and there were SO, SO many shiny Firefly games.

Firefly tableto gamesImg_0047_95 percent in sizeIMG_0064IMG_0065And yes, that is during game play and the character card in front of me … “Zoe” 😉

IMG_0056There were yummy munchies courtesy of Gold Sponsor Darner Media, awesome silent auction items and door prizes all donated by several very kind donors, many Firefly games (and extension packs) brought by or on loan from local Ottawa Browncoats.  The staff at Patty Boland’s, as usual, were amazing.

Yummy munchies … thank you Darner Media!

Img_0046_croppedDoor prizes and silent auction items … sooooo many!

Img_0060IMG_0061IMG_0062The silent auction bidding was pretty active for all of the items!

IMG_0059The Ottawa Browncoats admin/organizers who always put in SO many hours of work and dedication to all Ottawa Browncoat events were there making sure everything ran smoothly as well as partaking in the fun as time permitted.

About 20 attendees (like me) got to come and sit down at several tables with an amazing variety of Firefly tabletop games available to play to our hearts content in a comfortable private room filled with fellow Browncoats.  How shiny is all of that!!!

Linda at the welcome table as you entered the room selling bickets, Ottawa Browncoats buttons … oh, and yes accompanied by a few friends …”Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”

Img_0052Bickets (button tickets) were $15.00 each with all the proceeds from the bickets, button sales (yes, Ottawa Browncoats now have their very own buttons!) and the silent auction going to two awesome charities.  The final tally from yesterday’s event … drum roll please… from the Ottawa Browncoats Community “Out of Gas” event page on Facebook … “Total funds raised $730 !!!  Donations to our fave charities (iSisters and Equality Now) will be made this week!  Thanks to everyone who contributed and supported!”.

Woohoo Ottawa Browncoats!!!

Ottawa Browncoats very own shiny button!

Img_0097_croppedSo much fun and wonderful to see fellow Ottawa Browncoats that I had not seen since … wow, I guess it would have been Ottawa Comiccon in May earlier this year … far too long!  During the afternoon I learned how to play three (3) new tabletop games and several others were demo’ed so I know for the next Firefly tabletop gaming day what to look forward to!  And we laughed … we laughed, a lot!

Through the afternoon you constantly heard, not only from my gaming partners, but drifting over from other tables things like “Gorramit!”, “Shiny”, “Okay, now we are really going to misbehave!”, “Full burn!”, “Oh no!  Not the Alliance card!”…………….

IMG_0051Congratulations to everyone involved and I am looking forward to future Firefly gaming events!

Until next time … stay shiny and keep flying!
[This and future “Did you know…” posts present a variety of Firefly and Serenity trivia, aka fun tidbits. The information these posts draw from will be varied and many.  They will include the Firefly series and Serenity DVD commentaries and special features, various Firefly fan web sites, IMDB (Internet Movie Database), Wikipedia, YouTube videos of interviews and convention Q&A panels, etc…. and, occasionally a personal observation or comment may slip in there as well ;-)