Did you know… Ottawa Browncoats 2nd Firefly Tabletop Gaming Afternoon

Last weekend (Sunday, July 24, 2016) saw the 2nd Ottawa Browncoats gaming afternoon take place at Patty Bolands (Byward Market) in the pub’s “Abby Room”.

Though a smaller group number-wise than last fall’s November gaming afternoon … they were still a very enthusiastic and fun group!  Summer time is harder to get people together, with everyone taking holidays and going out of town, and I am glad that the OB organizers and administrators went ahead and held the event as it was wonderful to see fellow Browncoats eagerly diving in to learning new games and, most importantly, having fun!!!

For myself, I was invited to take a seat at the “Firefly: The Game” table and, though at first somewhat wide eyed 😉 at the complexity of the game, after a few turns it started to make sense and felt like I and my fellow game players were getting the hang of it and strategies began to be formed.

The "Firefly: The Game" table

The “Firefly: The Game” table

During game play

Firefly: The Game during game play

During game play

Firefly Fluxx during game play

I look forward to hopefully playing the Firefly: The Game again in the near future as well as possibly exploring some of the many other Firefly games.  All of the games that were brought by Bill and Lynn … thank you!

Ottawa Browncoats 2nd Firefly Game Afternoon_July 2016_3

Games brought by Bill … thank you!

Ottawa Browncoats 2nd Firefly Game Afternoon_July 2016_2

Games brought by Lynn … thank you!

Bickets for the upcoming September Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening (Sunday, September 25, 2016) were available to purchase and Linda kept the Twittersphere updated as the afternoon went with the goings-on at the game tables.

The afternoon wrapped with a viewing of the episode “Objects in Space” and though I had to leave before that I am sure everyone enjoyed it very much.  Hey, after all how much better can it get than watching Firefly with fellow Browncoats! 😉

Ottawa Browncoats 2nd Firefly Game Afternoon_July 2016_4

Viewing “Objects in Space”

Thank you again to everyone involved in organizing and running this very fun event.  Looking forward to another Firefly gaming afternoon this fall and who knows what shiny adventures will be had!!!

Until next time … stay shiny and keep flying!
[This and future “Did you know…” posts present a variety of Firefly and Serenity trivia, aka fun tidbits. The information these posts draw from will be varied and many.  They will include the Firefly series and Serenity DVD commentaries and special features, various Firefly fan web sites, IMDB (Internet Movie Database), Wikipedia, YouTube videos of interviews and convention Q&A panels, etc…. and, occasionally a personal observation or comment may slip in there as well ;-)