Did you know… Ottawa Comiccon 2016 is coming in May … and so is Alan Tudyk … and more!!!

Nín hǎo everyone!  I can not believe how time has flow and we are already looking at Ottawa Comiccon 2016 approaching in just under 2 months … whoa!!!

This year’s line up for Ottawa Comiccon is firming up nicely and so far we have one of the Firefly cast coming to OCC 2016 that has not yet visited Ottawa … Alan Tudyk!  Shiny!!!

Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk – Image courtesy Ottawa Comiccon

Alan Tudyk coming to Ottawa Comiccon 2016!

So not only is Alan … out beloved Wash … coming to Ottawa Comiccon this May but Firefly Cargo Bay is also returning!!!  Shiny Browncoat things to buy … oooooh!  If you will remember Firefly Cargo Bay was here for a visit at Pop Expo 2014.  Great to have them back again for Ottawa Comiccon this time.  If you have not had a chance to shop with FCC … this will be an awesome opportunity to pick up some shiny Browncoat items!

Also … yes, I did say also 😉 … Ottawa Browncoats will have an awesome booth at Ottawa Comiccon this year!  Woohoo!!!  So while you are geeking out at OCC make sure you swing by the Ottawa Browncoats booth, check it out, and hang with some fellow Browncoats!  I understand the Ottawa Browncoats administrators/organizers are working hard on plans for some fun at the booth as well as possibly a tease or two for a future charity fundraiser event.  Do not know the details myself (I am sure the administrators/organizers will let you know more as we get closer to OCC) and it will be fun to see what they come up with. 🙂

Well that is it for now.  Planning to be posting more on some fun Firefly/Serenity tidbits but wanted to get the word out now about Ottawa Comiccon and the awesome Browncoat things and people coming to it this year!

Until next time … stay shiny and keep flying!
[This and future “Did you know…” posts present a variety of Firefly and Serenity trivia, aka fun tidbits. The information these posts draw from will be varied and many.  They will include the Firefly series and Serenity DVD commentaries and special features, various Firefly fan web sites, IMDB (Internet Movie Database), Wikipedia, YouTube videos of interviews and convention Q&A panels, etc…. and, occasionally a personal observation or comment may slip in there as well ;-)