Time to pass the torch…

It’s 2017 and time to change things up.
The 2010-2016 Ottawa Browncoats Admin Crew have put in loads of energy and time to keep Ottawa’s Serenity Charity Screening a fun filled afternoon for our community. And we gratefully thank everyone who has come out to the events, donated prizes, money and time to making each one a memorable one.
And now it’s time to slide off to the sidelines and let some new crew take on the job.
  • Maybe you’ve been attending and miss Ottawa being a part of the international CSTS community.
  • Perhaps you are looking to try your hand at event organizing and this could be a great way to combine two passions- Serenity and Event planning.
  • Or simply, you want to make sure the event continues to take place and are happy to step in and take over!
Much of the foundations you need are already in place and we will be passing along the back door information to new crew :
– Facebook Community page < we do not have any access to the Ottawa Browncoats “person” account on Facebook, but you are welcome to contact them directly> 
– Twitter account
– mail chimp newsletter account
And be sure to keep us in mind us for Sponsorship for future events.
If you are interested in being part of a new admin crew for Ottawa Browncoats Community events, contact us, and we’ll connect you with everyone who replies.