Jayne Hat Brigade

Okay – so we all know it takes a brave man to wear one, but we live in Ottawa, Canada, the planet’s coldest capital city { or close enough} and who could blame us for being the best people to make use of a Jayne Hat?

But, I don’t knit – do you?

Are you open to knitting a Jayne Hat and donating it to be raffled/auctioned off at the October 2, 2011 Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening?

If yes, you totally rock!

So, because I don’t knit – we need your help from the outset – if you know of a great pattern link, local stores that carry the right colours of yarn, any info you can provide – as well as signing on to commit to making an actual hat for the event, that would be fabulous!

But to get you started, here are a few places I found really quickly when doing a search:

CLICK on each photo to take you to the pattern link!

From Emisanboo on Crafsters.org

From the blog: saffasogood


Oh my, you don’t knit, but you are feeling inspired to make something Jayne Hat Like – a cell phone cover?  a brooch/pin? A Steampunk version of the Hat?

 I dunno – but we welcome any and all creativity that will make these donation fun and crazy!


Let us know that you want to participate { email info@ottawabrowncoats.ca or join us on the Facebook event page} and we’ll be adding some incentives too – not that you needed any more incentive to be creative in support of this great cause!