October 29, 2011- Witches Gathering

Come on out and have a blast at The 13th annual Witches Gathering!

This year, we are very pleased to be returning to our new(ish) location Mavericks / Café Dekuf on Rideau Street in Ottawa, Ontario.

Mavericks and Café Dekuf
221 Rideau St. (near the corner of Rideau and Cumberland)
Ottawa ON

From the blog:

Ladywitches and Gentlepagans, the organizers of the Annual Witches Gathering Charity Ball are proud to announce the theme for this year’s Gathering:

Demons, Daemons and Fools

The theme for this year’s Gathering is Demons, Daemons and Fools. A truly fascinating and spectacular spectrum laid out for your enjoyment. On the right: the demons, sexy and terrifying, their razor-toothed smiles dripping with sin and temptation. On the left: the daemons, noble paragons of Greek myth; fallen heroes and benevolent spirits showering us with protection and inspiration. And in the middle, standing between Good and Evil: the Fool. Is the Fool a village idiot, the naive youth of the tarot or the wise fool of Shakespeare? You tell us!

Who will you be this Halloween? Good, evil, foolish or something in between? Crafty or credulous, seducer or saviour, paragon or monster, the choice is yours! Harness your creativity, marshal your wits to delight and titillate and horrify and fascinate us!

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4 thoughts on “October 29, 2011- Witches Gathering

  1. Hi everyone: just wanted to ask a few questions. My daughter, her fiance and several of their friends attend this charity ball each year for the past 7 years, and enjoy the entire experience.
    My question is the following, I see that you are donation funds to different charities, and the page or my computer, would not permit me to access different, email there. So I founr this and would like to suggest another charitable inspiration, our child has autism, and has been accepted to receive his dog guide, through the Lion’s guide dogs program, it is unfortunate, though, the lion’s club internation, has decided that this family is financially instable?! The dog requires $250. per month maintenance and upkeep, etc.. the Vet bills yearly. Our family, has taken on anothr part time job, to increase the amount of net / home funds, unfortunately they said sorry. Also know that Children`s Aid of SD&G is attempting to convey to Lion`s club that we are very stable, the child age 9 needs to have this dog, and the dog is available for the child, January 2012, therefor, the home must have every need already purchased, and in please.
    So hopefully this will be something of interest to your board é committe for the charity of choosing for the following year.($12,000.0 to fund the dogs training)
    Thanks so very much, Kirkland, Williamsburg On 613 535 1622

    • HI there,
      If I understand your post – you are hoping to direct this towards the Witches’ Gathering folk – so you should look into their main website http://www.witches-gathering.com and contact them directly there. Or if you are on facebook, you can find their community page there and add your comments for their next year’s planning!

      All the best,
      Tracey for Ottawa Browncoats Crew

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