2013 Sponsors



Our Costume Contest Sponsors!!

Bank and Hopewell Store number 4240




Prize Sponsor 2012



The Veiled Eye – Gailene Green: cash & prize donations


PRIZE Sponsors:

Rich Lauzon: Fabulous artwork

Gabby Fello: Fabulous Artwork!

Ottawa Geek MarketOGM-TM_Logo

The Necromerchant’s Payment, Ottawa’s Repo! Shadowcast-> Tickets for their upcoming October 4th show!

Shibori Borealis Hand dyed silk scarf in lovely gall colours- also Jayne Hat colours..hmmm.

Friends of Serenity / In Kind sponsors:

Yarns etc – 1 Nicholas St (613) 795-0084 – gift certificate to keep us crafty!

The Witches Gathering – 15th Annual Charity Ball

Tim Horton’s: Prince of Whales and Hunt Club location  – woot! $25.00 gift card donation

Don McMillan: Artist and Crew member extraordinaire!  His original artwork has graced our events for years!

And a gracious thanks to the Mayfair Theatre, our fave location to rent  for this event!