A late message from the crew of OCSS

Yes folks, September is upon us and sadly due to numerous factors, the will not be a charity screening of Serenity this fall.

The volunteer crew hopes that you will all continue to donate to Equality Now and iSisters on your own, and welcome new volunteers to step up and contribute for future events.

We look forward to getting back on track for 2016, and see you all soon. Keep flying!

We’re having a shindig!

Gabby Felio, Ottawa Artist who was a Sponsor at the Sept 2013 OSCS - for allowing us to use her drawing as the event photo

Gabby Felio, Ottawa Artist who was a Sponsor at the Sept 2013 OSCS – for allowing us to use her drawing as the event photo

Celebrating River Tam’s birthday

December 19th 2500 – River Tam is born – we are planning a get together to celebrate and socialize!

On Thursday, December 19th, from 7:00 to 9:00PM, come join us at Patty Boland’s in the Abbey room for some birthday cake donated by Tracey of TAV Creations and order something from the menu or bar, chat and meet some of the awesome Ottawa Browncoats Community in person!

Please RSVP either here or over at our Facebook Event if you are interested in coming to this meet and greet.

There is a flat screen tv, we may have an episode of Firefly playing – suggestions are welcomed!

The Trivia Questions from September 30th.

1) Who is the Hero of Canton?
A) Jayne

2) Who is the first Firefly crew member to get shot in the series?
A) Kaylee,  in Serenity, Part 1, by Dobson the fed.

3) How many centuries from now do the events of Firefly take place?
A) 5. (2511 and 2516).

4) What is Vera?
a) Jayne’s favourite gun, a Callahan Full-bore Auto-lock

5) In Shindig, if Zoe is going to wear a dress, she doesn’t want a fluffy dress like Kaylee. What does she want ?
A) Something with some slink.

6) In the episode Out of Gas, Serenity’s port compression coil’s catalyzer blows.  What episode(s) did Kaylee mention she needed a new one?
A) “Serenity” (pilot), where she asks Mal to buy a new one, and mentions it again in “The Train Job”

7) In the Train Job, what did the crew steal that they eventually gave back?
A) Desperately needed medicine for Bowden’s Malady.

8) Who says “No power in the ‘Verse can stop me.” first?
A) Kaylee, after getting her apple back from River in War Stories.

9) When you can’t run,  you crawl. And when you can’t crawl,  when you can’t do that…,
A) you find someone to carry you. (The Message)

10) What happens in the episode Heart of Gold that makes Inara cry?
A) Mal and Nandi sleep together.

11) What is the name of the bounty hunter that comes for River in “Objects in Space”?
A) Jubal Early

12) Chinese is used throughout Firefly. Who calls someone else a  “Stupid Inbred Stack of Meat” in the episode “Trash”?
A) Saffron / Bridget

13) What are the final words spoken in Firefly?
A) Well… Here I am. (by Jubal Early in Objects in Space, as he tumbles away in space).

Local Film Makers Showcase 2012

Here’s the list of links for everyone to go check out now that you’ve seen all the trailers. Go and support them all!

Frost – siteFacebookTwitter

Rulers of Darkness – SiteFacebookTwitter

The Call  – site – Facebook – Twitter

Gnomercy – FacebookTwitter

Scream All You Want – SiteFacebookTwitterYoutubeFlickr

When Stars Collide (short film) – site – Facebook – Twitter

Quick notes and upcoming news

Hey there,

We are updating the main site and hope you find the updates helpful in adding your own voice as an Ottawa Browncoat, sharing your love of the amazingly inspiring show Firefly and movie, Serenity.