Time to pass the torch…

It’s 2017 and time to change things up.
The 2010-2016 Ottawa Browncoats Admin Crew have put in loads of energy and time to keep Ottawa’s Serenity Charity Screening a fun filled afternoon for our community. And we gratefully thank everyone who has come out to the events, donated prizes, money and time to making each one a memorable one.
And now it’s time to slide off to the sidelines and let some new crew take on the job.
  • Maybe you’ve been attending and miss Ottawa being a part of the international CSTS community.
  • Perhaps you are looking to try your hand at event organizing and this could be a great way to combine two passions- Serenity and Event planning.
  • Or simply, you want to make sure the event continues to take place and are happy to step in and take over!
Much of the foundations you need are already in place and we will be passing along the back door information to new crew :
– Facebook Community page < we do not have any access to the Ottawa Browncoats “person” account on Facebook, but you are welcome to contact them directly> 
– Twitter account
– mail chimp newsletter account
And be sure to keep us in mind us for Sponsorship for future events.
If you are interested in being part of a new admin crew for Ottawa Browncoats Community events, contact us, and we’ll connect you with everyone who replies.

November 29 – Out of Gas Gaming Day!

Ever wanted to play a Firefly based tabletop game, but have not had the chance? Get your $15 Bicket today and come on out November 29th!

Out of Gas Gaming Day
2-8 p.m.
Patty Bolands at 101 Clarence Street, Ottawa
$15 Bicket

Prizes, games, socializing, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the Abby.

Please make a $15 donation per Bicket and we’ll have yours waiting at the door when you arrive!  Click the donate button to take you to Paypal where you can pay securely!

TAV Creations is sponsoring the processing of the fees and donating the full proceeds to our favourite charities!Out of gas poster- 2015Head over to Facebook and join the event!
WHAT GAMES WILL THERE BE? And more depending on what else comes with some of our crew!



Thanks to our Sponsors, this event will let us donate all of our Bicket Sales and donations to our Charities!!:

Gold Sponsor: 

And we now have some great Prize Sponsors too – Click on the photos to check these folks out!

Choleena jewelry and art

Choleena DiTullio- pendant donated by Linda Berube and art piece donated by Choleena

Brave News Girls

Brave News Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets – donated by Darner Media


Buttons and Magnets! By Gilove2dance!


Elizabeth Hirst: AuthorPAGE

Multiple pieces from our own "Zoe", Blog contributor of the "Did you Know" series of posts!

Multiple pieces from our own “Zoe”, Blog contributor of the “Did you Know” series of posts!


Hand beaded wrist cuff by the Veiled Eye

Hand beaded wrist cuff by the Veiled Eye

A late message from the crew of OCSS

Yes folks, September is upon us and sadly due to numerous factors, the will not be a charity screening of Serenity this fall.

The volunteer crew hopes that you will all continue to donate to Equality Now and iSisters on your own, and welcome new volunteers to step up and contribute for future events.

We look forward to getting back on track for 2016, and see you all soon. Keep flying!

2015 Admin Crew!

Sunday, March 1st, we had a small crew come out and voice their commitment to helping continue having some serious fun with the Ottawa Browncoats Community in 2015.

New positions were filled, new ideas discussed and we will be able to provide more information as we get it organized in the next few weeks.

Not shown in photographic evidence are Gailene and me. Gailene has been helping for years as a general volunteer and will be doing so again, and you see enough of me as I’ve been MC-ing the event for the while and been the Chair in the past. I’ll likely MC again at this year’s event.

If you are interested in helping out at Ottawa Browncoats events, please sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you informed of opportunities. We have some new ideas brewing; as they are formulated, we’ll put out the call and welcome your help!!

So for now, please meet our 2015 Admin Crew:


Lynn- 2015 Chair – already hard at work…


Lynn – our Official 2015 Event Chair for the upcoming adventures of the year!


Linda – What do you mean you haven’t heard about the Ottawa Browncoats and our sponsorship opportunities????!!!


Linda – Head of Fundraising and Sales – Look how happy she is when you donate!!!


Fred – Nominated 2015 Ottawa Browncoats Secretary within 2 minutes of sitting down!


Maritie – Walks in and is declared our “theatre Person” and has already got her work lined up!


Julia – General volunteer and all around Shiny person!


Tom – Webstuff/video stuff and Platinum Sponsor for the past 2 years < Darner Media>. Also head of the local Film Makers segment of the event


2015 Volunteer Meet-up – March 1st

Hey Ottawa Browncoats,

It’s 2015 and in order to continue supporting our favourite charities, and maybe even have some growth in our community, we would like to invite you to join in and help out!

Our Ottawa Browncoats Community Admin Crew is ready for some new energy to come on board and mix things up! Are you ready to misbehave?

Please join us on Sunday March 1st at 4:30 p.m. at Patty Bolands, 101 Clarence, just west of Dalhousie in the Byward Market. We’ll have an area set aside where we can discuss ideas for this year’s main event as well as get some ideas and just generally see who is who and what is what!

Please RSVP in the comments, by emailing us at info@ottawabrowncoats.ca, or if you are on Facebook – you can RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1392836457691306/

Tracey for OBC


Ottawa Browncoats Newsletter – What’s Next?

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Happy post Thanksgiving Browncoats!

Thanks to those who offered to help at the Ottawa Geek Market last weekend, Welcome to new folks who signed up at Can-Con and to everyone who helped out at the Serenity showing at the Mayfair.

In case you missed the post on Facebook:
The total money we have raised in 2014 since we began advance sales in May:

$3,015.0175% Isisters; 25% Equality now$2261.26 total for iSisters$753.75 to Equality now

While the numbers are down from 2013, knowing how hectic peoples lives are, including our own admin crew, this is still great and appreciated immensely by our recipient charities!

From iSisters:
Hi Tracey,
That is wonderful! I can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts!

Linda Milton Perrault  < she was there to speak at the OSCS on September 28th. >
Executive Director

So, What’s next?
Do you want to see more actual activities taking place for the Ottawa Browncoats Community?

  • Shin digs?
  • Social nights?
  • Gaming nights?

If yes, are you able to help organize some events?

That’s what is most needed now – new blood to mix things up and get people together in a variety of ways!

If you are open to being a more active member of the Ottawa Browncoats Community,
please head over here and add you name and a brief description of what you would like to offer – what are your talents? What do you have time to offer?  Anything is appreciated!

Have a shiny day!
Ottawa Browncoats Community

Sent by Tracey to get you aiming to misbehave!

We’re having a shindig!

Gabby Felio, Ottawa Artist who was a Sponsor at the Sept 2013 OSCS - for allowing us to use her drawing as the event photo

Gabby Felio, Ottawa Artist who was a Sponsor at the Sept 2013 OSCS – for allowing us to use her drawing as the event photo

Celebrating River Tam’s birthday

December 19th 2500 – River Tam is born – we are planning a get together to celebrate and socialize!

On Thursday, December 19th, from 7:00 to 9:00PM, come join us at Patty Boland’s in the Abbey room for some birthday cake donated by Tracey of TAV Creations and order something from the menu or bar, chat and meet some of the awesome Ottawa Browncoats Community in person!

Please RSVP either here or over at our Facebook Event if you are interested in coming to this meet and greet.

There is a flat screen tv, we may have an episode of Firefly playing – suggestions are welcomed!

Post event housekeeping!

Again, thanks to everyone who was part of making our SOLD OUT Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening such a success!  DID YOU MISS THIS?

Part of our thanks includes a little bit of post event gratitude.  We have two thank you gifts for the volunteers who are not crew members but community members!

With the donations lists, emails, uploads to Facebook, etc, I complied two lists of volunteer names and pulled one name from each of these:

Jayne Hat Artisan: Andrea Mills { she made the 2 tea cozies and tea pots}wins the Yarns, Etc. Gift Certificate!

Tea Cozy!

Shiny Firefly: Laurie Kolk { she picked up prizes both from others and donated stuff on her own and has been an immense force of helping in spite of not having an “official role” in the Admin Crew} wins the Tim Horton’s Gift card!! You can read some of her posts tho under the name “ZOE” here on the main website.



2 Auction items were bid upon and the folks left before the end.  This happens, but if Julie Brazeau and Pat Moreau still want those items, email info@ottawabrowncoats.ca and we’ll connect you with your stuff and take your donation. Otherwise, they will be available for bidding at a future event!




WOW! Ottawa Browncoats: BE PROUD!

OUR 2013 CREW, These Sponsors, These generous Artisans and Fans of a great Show and movie and ALL OF YOU can honestly give yourselves all a huge pat on the back!

The 2013 total of donations, auction amounts, pre event sales, donations and everything:


That means Equality Now, recipient of 25% of our funds will be sent a donation of $1365.43

And iSisters, our local charity, will receive a total for 2013 of $4096.27

And in case you wanted to know:

2012: total raised $4865.56

2011: total raised $3331.32

So, yes, bigger and better every year.

We are so grateful to the continued support of of returning Sponsors and new sponsors as well as the hard work that the crew have out into bringing the Ottawa Browncoats Community further into the shiny!

And there’s more to come – so keep checking us here, on Twitter, on our Facebook Commmunity page { Just FYI-that’s the one that is actually us, not “ottawa browncoats, the person}  And if you are ready to start volunteering – EMAIL US: info@ottawabrowncoats.ca