Silent Auctions, door prizes, costume prizes, and more!

This year, with the Jayne Hat Brigade/ Golden Sunrise Headgear Brigade 🙂 including a variety of items inspired by Firefly, the artisans are coming out of the woodwork and bringing their awesome shininess !

You can see photos on some of the pieces in our Prize Gallery – but by no means is that all!

We have donations from our Prize sponsors including, Starbucks at Bank and Hopewell, Firefly Cargo Bay and the Veiled eye – and more!

OMG – Just bring your cash money and bid bid bid on the silent auctions and buybuybuy chances to win the prizes in the gift packs.

THIS YEAR: in order to help folks who may actually want to bid more than the cash they have on hand, TAV Creations will be processing Silent Auction Winning Bids via: credit cards{ Visa or M/C}; online banking- if you wish to do email interac and have a smart phone yourself; and PayPal payments, again, on the spot if you have yourself set up to do so on your phone.

See you Sunday!

We have assembled loads of raffle prizes !
You will find Linda near the concession stand accepting your donation for your chances to win :
1 chance-$2; 3 chances-$5; 10 chances-$10 – so paper money is welcome too!

What will YOU be wearing on September 29th?

Will you be full on nerd shirting it with your fave Serenity/Firefly inspired T-shirt?

Or will you be ready to showcase your creative skills and be in Full Character and ready to participate in our Costume Contest??

We are so honoured that have been taking care of bringing amazing prizes and once again being our Royal Judges for this part of our fun-filled afternoon!

Our Costume Contest Sponsors!!

Our Costume Contest Sponsors!!

The Zombie King and Zombie Queen will be joined by another Royal personage, the Canadian Queen of Steampunk, Lee A. Farruga!

SC_Logo_compactWe are very excited to have her joining our efforts that day in both her royalness and her Geeky Godmotherness as she will be helping out loads that day!

You must dress to impress them so that you can take home some shiny goodies!

Best adult female
Best Adult male
Best Villain – any age
Best Junior – 13 and under

So, what are you planning to wear that day?

You can be inspired by some previous costume winners!

Click through to see more photos!

Click through to see more photos!

 REMEMBER TO GET YOUR BICKET in advance ( $12) or plan to be there at the door for Day-of ($15) sales – we are presently over 50% sold out!


With less than 2 weeks, we want to get a final push on, so our fabulous POSTER will be ready later today for distribution! Printed on lovely Goldenrod paper, and available for pick up/delivery – we need your help getting these spread across Ottawa/Gatineau!

If you can help poster, please send a quick email with POSTER HELP in the subject to and we’ll get back to you asap!



Thanks to our GOLD PRIZE sponsor:

Our Costume Contest Sponsors!!

Our Costume Contest Sponsors!!

They have provided some awesome prizes waiting for your great costumes, raffle ticket purchases and or auction bidding – all to be determined!  But take a look see at the first pics – there is more to come!!

071The Wil Wheaton autograph comes with a plushie Wil!

075 077

RPG book is signed by Margaret Weiss!



And one of our volunteers sent in these pics of prizes she has acquired from kindly supporters:

Cathy Cooper ( made these awesome slippers al la Jayne Hat style:


The 3 Doctor Who posters donated by Josh Adams.  One of the posters is a a limited numbered series.  All 3 are signed by Josh.

Here is Josh’s web site, Facebook and Wikipedia pages:

Img_6982_cropped Img_6981_cropped Img_6980_cropped


And there’s more:

Parasol from Firefly Cargo Bay


And more prizes – THANK YOU TO STARBUCKS!

some of these will be door prizes, some will be raffle items and LOOK AT THAT: There’s a coffee maker in there!!Starbucks donation

Welcoming New Crew to the Site

Hey all,

After an amazing experience at Ottawa ComicCon – more details about that when I have more time – we were blessed during our preparations for the Firefly Panel we presented with one of our newest Browncoats being an awesome researcher!

Welcome “ZOE” to the Ottawa Browncoats Community Crew, as she will be sharing some of her information in her upcoming “Did you Know..?” posts.

And as a side note – please join our Ottawa Browncoats Group and share your photos:

OBC Flickr Group (

The view from our Firefly Panel…
Shot of some of the audience from the @Ott_Browncoats panel today at #OCC20130

Ottawa ComicCon 2013 – HERE WE COME!

comicon image


Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 6.28.12 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 6.30.49 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 6.31.47 AM

With the Amazing Nathan Fillion, Elegant Summer Glau and Gorgeous Jewel Staite in attendance, Ottawa’s Browncoats  – that means YOU! – are chomping at the bit to head into deep Ottawa south to the Ernst and Young Centre this weekend!!

We, of the Ottawa Browncoats Community OSCS Crew are also quietly looking forward to it as well…”SQUEE” – that was from us girls… not our guys… And we want you to come see us!! 

You can find us in the Artist Alley, table number: A537-B  Here’s the map!

We will also be presenting ” Finding Serenity: A Firefly in the Night”  where we will have a fun discussion about our favourite show – yours too? Come join us: Saturday at 4 p.m. Meeting Room A

And we will have your advanced price 2013 BICKETS for the 2013 Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening on September 29th so bring your cash money!!

We are also still seeking more sponsors for the event, so if you are a small business looking to promote how awesome you are, you can download the 2013 Sponsorship Info here, or pick one up from our table!

Finally here are some links you might find helpful for this weekend – See you there!

THE MAP, again

Programming Schedule

PreSale of Photo Ops { ends Thursday at 6 p.m. }

Let’s get this fundraising started! Auction Item: Xfiles script

Okay, so yeah, it’s a bit pre-Firefly, but I think some of you Browncoats have some X-File love in your hearts.

The Truth is Out There.

One of our wonderful supporters donated this script for us to auction off in our 2013 fundraising efforts.  The script inside it’s dandy plastic envelope looks like a photocopy, but I assume with the fancy green Xfiles sticker on the outside of the envelope, it came from a reasonable source…

With Gillian Anderson attending the upcoming Ottawa ComicCon, we thought it might be a fun idea to auction it off before that weekend and the winner can go get it autographed, if they so chose.


So, the plan:

Make your bids in the comments, and before the actual ComicCon weekend, we’ll give you 48 hours notice before the bidding will end.  We don’t want to have you wait to the last minute to bid!!

The highest bidder will be contacted via the email/ log in info provided when you make your bids.

UPDATE:Payment would need to be received via email interac or Paypal payment { you can use a credit card via paypal safely} sent to by 3 p.m. Thursday. If the winning bidder is unable to make their payment by then, it will move to the next highest bidder.

The winner can then pick up the script at the Ottawa Browncoats booth at Ottawa ComicCon by presenting their Paypal receipt or id matching the interac payment information.

Sound good?

All righty then – start the bidding!!


Panel at OttawaComicCon…?

We posted via our Facebook page the information Ottawa ComicCon put out a few weeks ago regarding submitting panel proposals.

One of our Main Crew, Tom, has been contemplating this for a while and has some ideas, but it’s time to get some participation from you!

Ottawa Browncoats Community, what would you like to either see, or contribute to, for an Ottawa Browncoats led Firefly panel at the upcoming Ottawat ComicCon?

Do we approach it as a Firefly 101, with the assumption that there may be some people  out there who DON’T know what Firefly is?

Do you want to talk about everything Firefly in a random way or focus on segments through the panel – costumes, chinese insults, quotes that make our hearts sing?

Or do you have an amazingly inspired idea that you would like to help bring to life?


If you are inspired to share your ideas with our Crew and maybe even participate in the panel, we need you to do one thing: write them in an email to

We will gather your ideas, and thank you profusely for your time, and then continue on the next stages with your further input – there may be one or two amazing ideas that we can work with, or there may be so many we need to do a poll.

There is a limit of 4 people as presenters  so if you have an awesome idea and insight to share, let us know – we want to choose the best folks to make it a great panel!

Then we have to apply!!  So your deadline to get us ideas, or at least express interest, is February 22 at midnight!  Remember to email to get your input heard!

Let’s see what you’ve got Ottawa Browncoats!

In case you missed it at GameSummit~#OSCS2013 is ON!

Yes, our crew had such a great time last year, once again bringing almost 300 of Ottawa’s Shiny Browncoats together for the 2012 Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening , we have charged ahead and are looking forward to the 2013 event!

Enlisting our core Sponsors once again, Darner Media has set us up with the Mayfair Theatre, TAV Creations has taken care of our favourite admission item – the BICKETS with the assistance of Don McMillan, our fave designer, the ball is now rolling!

Our amazing prize Sponsors and Firefly Cargo Bay, have already been contacted and more are on our radar to get you the most amazing prizes for the raffles, auctions, costume contest… whew!

What more do you need to know? Most of the information is on the event page – so click on through but in brief:

Date – September 29th – yes, it’s months away, but what a great way to come back to school/ back from summer holidays/ etc!

And that gives you crafty folks LOTS of time to get knitting/crochetting/painting/making jewelry/ whatever you like to join in the Jayne Hat Plus Brigade!

You can also join us as a Sponsor!! or perhaps volunteering is more up your alley – if so, follow us hear, on Twitter or Facebook and let us know when you can help out!


-What can you donate?

-Be shiny!

Welcome 2013 Ottawa Browncoats! Come see us at…

February 2 and 3, 2013 – Game Summit with Geek Market!

Ottawa Browncoats will be there with a Community Table! Head on over to their website for more info!  and see you there!  We’ll have exciting news and announcements about the 2013 Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening to share!


This year, Game Summit is teaming up with the organizers of the Ottawa Geek Market to bring you an amazing expanded shopping experience. Gamers and geeks alike know that there’s no joy like that of finding the perfect board game, the rarest expansion pack or the coolest comic book. That’s why over 70 exhibitors, artisans, communities and clubs will be displaying their geek and gamer wares at Game Summit.


Game Summit launched in Fall 2008 at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario; the first of many Game Summit events, opening the doors to table-top gamers of all kinds. Since then, each event has offered plenty of space for board gamers and more serious hobbyists to play table-top games, shop, and attend painting clinics and information sessions.