Ottawa Comiccon

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Ottawa Comiccon

The best part of the Ottawa Comiccon is that it’s not intimidating! If you’ve never been to a comic convention before, you’ll be surprised at how many people are just like you. You’ll feel right at home and have a great time.

Whether you’re a comic book fan or not, it’s hard not to feel a little excitement when an event like Ottawa Comiccon comes to town.

When it comes to hosting comic book conventions, Ottawa is in good company! With a large population of comic book fans living in Ottawa, and plenty of shops and creators making their way to the area, comic book conventions have become a regular occurrence in the capital region. If you’ve never been to an event like Ottawa Comiccon before, you’re in for a real treat!

If you are a fan, you’ll know that there’s something special about a con that has stayed strong over the years and has really grown and evolved.

When it comes to long-running conventions, Ottawa Comiccon has really hit its stride in recent years. Not only has the event grown from around 10,000 attendees in 2006 to over 25,000 attendees in 2018, but it’s also expanded to include a fantastic vendor hall, a massive Artist’s Alley, and an increasing number of pop-up shops. Not to mention, the event has really matured and grown its programming, adding more panels and workshops to its schedule each year.

Cosplay is also a huge part of the con culture and event and having a chance to get your picture taken with some of your favorite characters is something everyone looks forward to.

If you like superheroes, comic books, and sci-fi, then you’ll definitely want to check out Ottawa’s Comiccon! Every year, this amazing event allows attendees to come dressed in their favorite outfits and cosplay. From superheroes to aliens and everything in between, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes. There will also be artist signings, panels, and other fun activities to keep you entertained.

If you’ve never been to a comic con, you may be wondering what to expect.

Ottawa Comiccon and Maker Faire are a great way to spend an afternoon! There are plenty of vendors and artists for you to check out. You can even get your hands on some exclusive swag. You’ll be sure to meet plenty of like-minded people and maybe even discover your new favourite comic book or book series!

With the right attire, you can show off your fandom and make friends with like-minded people.

The Ottawa Comiccon is a great place to show off your love for all things nerdy. While not everyone is into superheroes or sci-fi, this is a great place to meet people who share your interests. You can also find vendors who can sell you all kinds of goodies! Check out the website to learn more about this fun, family-friendly event.

While there are usually some panels for those who are more interested in learning about comic books, the best part of a con is all the other activities.

If you’re looking for all the best and brightest in the comic book world, look no further than Ottawa Comiccon. This annual event is full of panels, vendors, artists, cosplay, contests, and more! The venue is huge and can easily accommodate all the attendees that want to come. If you’re not sure if you want to go, they offer a membership plan for a discounted price!

If you go to a con with a group of friends or family, you can all do things together and have a great time.

With a huge variety of panels, vendors, artist alley, and cosplay, Ottawa Comiccon is a great place to meet people who have a passion for comics and all things nerdy. The con is so big that attendees can even get a massage while they’re there!


If you’ve never been to an Ottawa Comiccon before or if this is your first time, be prepared for a lot of cosplay! People of all ages and experience levels come dressed up and ready to have a great time. It’s a great chance to see some of the outfits that you’ve only seen pictures of online or in books.

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