Would you like to play a greater role in the upcoming Ottawa Serenity Charity Screening?

Do you have time and skills to offer?

Energy and a smile?

We’ll take what ya got and be ever so grateful!

What we need:

>Sponsors/raffle prizes/donations.

If you know of any local businesses that might be interested in helping out the event by providing financial support, or goodies that we can auction or raffle off, PLEASE direct them to the website and encourage them to sign on as a sponsor.  Or have them email info@ottawabrowncoats.ca and we’ll get them some info asap!


>Postering and spreading the word.

Once we get our poster designed and ready for printing, we’ll need folks to go around and poster the city, stores, and anywhere that might have an interest in knowing about the fundraiser.  We will be looking at having these ready by early September!

In the meantime, send your friends and family and co workers and strangers on the street here!


DO you knit?  Would you care to be a part of the Jayne Hat Brigade?  We are looking for crafty folk to get knitting and donate Jane Hats to be raffled/auctioned off at the event. You can just knit one, and we’ll be posting a link for some free online patterns, you’ll be in charge of finding the yarn and doing the needlework – and we’ll welcome your advice to any aspiring knitters who might like to try but aren’t sure how to start!

And if you don’t knit – we want your Jayne Hat inspired crafty items too!   GO HERE FOR UPDATES AND DETAILS.


On September 29, we will be enlisting trusted Ottawa Browncoats to help with set up, welcome folks, assist with the raffle ticket sales and many more odd jobs and fun ways to contribute. We’ll have one meeting shortly before hand to confirm the number of folks who can help that day, so keep an eye out in our updates for those details.